The Exterminating Angel

Adapted for the stage from Luis Buñuel’s film of the same title

Celebrated for her edgy style and bold aesthetics, director Angela Brouskou has brought to the stage several major works of the theatre canon. As an actress, she has worked with numerous Greek directors. In 1993, she co-founded the Theatro Domatiou group together with actress Parthenopi Bouzouri. For Athens Festival 2018 she will adapt to the stage and direct Buñuel’s black comedy The Exterminating Angel (1962), a scathing attack on human nature, its savage instincts and unspeakable secrets.

Director's note:
Dinner in a luxurious mansion. Guests finish their dinner and are about to leave only to find themselves incapable of exiting the living room. High society finds itself trapped and forced to confront reality, courtesy of the Exterminating Angel. The latter punishes the guests, forcing them to engage in barbaric actions and demonstrating the cruelty of human nature. When caught in a moment of crisis, individuals forget their manners and turn against each other. In times of political unrest, the same question is in everyone’s lips: what is going to happen? The characters resort to panic and inactiveness. They can barely bring themselves to leave the room or to take matters into their own hands to ensure their survival. By the end of their confinement in the living room, they have only death to look forward to – much like it happens in real life. Perhaps this living room stands for life, after all: life is like a living room with no exit in sight.

With Greek and English surtitles

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Translation: Themelis Glynatsis
Direction - Adaptation: Angela Brouskou
Music: Nalyssa Green
Movement: Valia Papachristou
Set and visual design: Maria Papadimitriou
Costume design: Dimitris Dassios
Lighting design: Stella Kaltsou
Assistant director: Stevi Koutsothanasi
Video: Alexandros-Romanos Lizardos
Cast: Themis Bazaka, Konstantinos Tzoumas, Parthenopi Bouzouri, Alekos Syssovitis, Haris Fragoulis, Angelos Papadimitriou, Stavros Litinas, Georgianna Dalara, Konstantina Angelopoulou, Giorgos Kopsidas, Andreas Kontopoulos, Aris Papadimitriou, Andreas Konstantinou, Valia Papachristou, Nalyssa Green
Production manager: Evangelos Konstas - Constantly Productions


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