Eumenides, by Aeschylus
In the third part of Aeschylus’ trilogy, Orestes finds himself at the Delphi oracle, asking Apollo to help him escape the Furies, who have been following in hot pursuit ever since Orestes murdered his mother. The god urges him to leave while the Furies are asleep and to seek refuge in Athens. Clytemnestra’s ghost appears in the temple, asking for retribution. The Furies are banished from Apollo’s temple and chase Orestes all the way to Athens, whereupon they find him as a suppliant at the statue of Athena. The goddess appears and demands she hear both sides: the prosecuting Furies and the defendant Orestes. Given the complexity of the case, Athena calls for a special court to decide on Orestes’ fate. Thus, she founds the court of Areopagus for the citizens of Athens. Apollo defends Orestes. In the ensuing trial, Athena’s tie-breaking vote absolves Orestes, an act that is tantamount to the foundation of both democracy and patriarchy. The Furies are ultimately appeased and transformed into Eumenides, “the kindly ones.”

Director's note:
"Allow fear to inhabit the Polis"
This performance delves into the depths of the human soul, exposing dreams, insecurities, and fears before a live audience. An attempt to bring together the Conscious and the Unconscious. The Furies appear as scaremongers, whispering their desires and disputes. Humans come to the realization that they themselves are these very voices. These voices are part of all dramatic characters. Our performance will be a challenge, a trial as far as acting is concerned, exposing, not just the visual aesthetics, but the ideal condition wherein the audience can see what the actor imagines rather than what is merely presented on the stage. A difficult endeavour: when achieved, audience and performers connect amidst an invisible landscape, sharing a powerful experience.
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Translation: Dimitris Dimitriadis
Concept - Performance: Stefania Goulioti
Musical dramaturgy - Performance: Dimitris Kamarotos
Artistic collaboration: 
Sylvia Liouliou
Set design: Eva Manidaki
Costume design: Angelos Mentis
Alexander technique: Vicky Panagiotaki
Assistant to the set designer: Evgenia Makroglou
Executive producers: POLYPLANITY Productions / Yolanda Markopoulou & Vicky Strataki



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