Ulysses, by James Joyce

An oratorio, ode to daily life, episodes 11 & 18

Elephas Tiliensis was founded in 2013 by Dimitris Agartzidis and Despoina Anastasoglou. The group’s performances are mainly inspired by literary works. Their debut, a stage adaptation of Zyranna Zateli’s Persini arravoniastikia met with great success. Other performances include Alexandria (based on Lawrence Durrell’s The Alexandria Quarter), How will my liberator look like? (based on Borges), a stage adaptation of Vangelis Raptopoulos’ novel Loula and a stage adaptation of Bergman’s film Persona. This season the duo presents the Cretan pastoral work The Shepherdess at the Neo Kosmos Theatre. The performance to be held at the Athens Festival is based on the episodes Nausicaa and Penelope from Joyce’s magnum opus and will be presented in the form of an oratorio for a male singer, a female actor, a chorus of women (Sirens) and a music band. Elephas Tiliensis have conceived the performance as a ‘philosophic stand-up comedy.’ Penelope will be mocking the image of Odysseus/Ulysses, ironizing his mythical status and undermining contemporary Europe and its Homeric role models. 

Directors’ note
In Ulysses, Joyce re-writes the myth of Odysseus, creating a text that is at once anti-nationalist, anti-clerical, sexually charged and profane. Joyce draws on the Odyssey to describe the boring, vulgar, social and conjugal relationships of an advertising agent in Dublin. Leopold Bloom is a parody of the Homeric hero. The Joycean Ulysses is the cuckold Mr. Bloom, the mocked Jew. The Joycean Penelope is Molly Bloom, Leopold’s wife, an adulterous prima donna. 
The performance is conceived as a philosophic stand-up comedy drawing on the legacy of history and literature. lamda’s dark and playful music creates a unique soundscape, perfectly capturing Blooms’ profound sense of humour and the musical quality of the text.

Part of Athens - UNESCO World Book Capital 2018. Supported by Athens Culture Net, founding donor: Stavros Niarchos Foundation

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Adaptation - dramaturgy - direction: Dimitris Agartzidis, Despoina Anastasoglou
Music: lamda 
Set and costume design: Magdalini Avgerinou 
Lighting design: Alekos Anastasiou
Movement: Betty Dramisioti
Assistant director: Andrianna Chalkidi
Sound engineering: Panagiotis Rizopoulos
Executive producer: Anna Gomez
Cast: Pavlos Pavlidis (Ulysses / Leopold Bloom), Maria Skoula (Penelope / Molly Bloom), Vicky Katsika, Maria Moschouri, Tatiana Anna Pitta (Sirens), Eleni Pozatzidou (Milly Bloom) • Live musicians: Kostas Kostidis (piano, synthesizer), Pantelis Nikiforos (guitar, lute, mandolin), Thodoris Sofopoulos (drums, percussion)



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  • Ulysses, by James Joyce - Peiraios 260 - Building H

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Sun, 1/7
Ulysses, by James Joyce Peiraios 260 - Building H - Tavros, Attiki
10.00€ - 20.00€
Mon, 2/7
Ulysses, by James Joyce Peiraios 260 - Building H - Tavros, Attiki
10.00€ - 20.00€
Tue, 3/7
Ulysses, by James Joyce Peiraios 260 - Building H - Tavros, Attiki
10.00€ - 20.00€

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