Based on Henrik Ibsen’s play

blindspot theatre group was founded in 2009 by director Michalis Konstatatos and actress Yota Argyropoulou. The group aims to create a new language of aesthetics by weaving together different forms of art, including theatre, visual arts, cinema, music, and new technologies. The group has performed in Greece and abroad. Their performance One Person at a Time was selected by Marina Abramović for the exhibition “As One” at Benaki Museum. Michalis Konstantatos has also won several international accolades for his short films Two Times Now and Only for Ever and his feature film Luton. The latest performance by the group, Hotel, was met with acclaim at the Berliner Festspiele. blindspot presented a successful production of Hedda Gabler at the Onassis Cultural Centre and were commissioned to present a new work at the Ibsen Festival 2016 in Oslo.
In this production of Ghosts, the co-creators intervene in the main plot of this iconic play. Faced with otherworldly images, the characters confront their personal and social ghosts. The final text will contain excerpts from Ibsen’s original play combined with new texts written specifically for the performance.

Directors’ note
The main characters of Ghosts attend the opening of the Alving Foundation, launched in honour of the late Captain Alving. The foundation is to be donated to the city. We are watching the characters the day after the original play’s denouement, standing on the threshold of an institution, a symbol of personal and social fulfilment. 
Ibsen’s classic drama is reimagined as a crossover between the original play and new, original texts, shedding lights to hidden aspects of the characters. Their past, their inner landscape and their complicated relationships are illuminated in a startling, almost paradoxical manner. The main characters, Manders, Alving, Oswald, Regina, are confronted with their fears, desires, dreams, nightmares, their personal and social ghosts. Will the characters be finally able to step into the light or will darkness remain their inevitable destination?

With Greek and English surtitles

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Adaptation - Dramaturgy: Yota Argyropoulou, Michalis Konstantatos (blindspot theatre group)
Direction: Michalis Konstantatos
Text: Orfeas Apergis, blindspot theatre group
Dramaturgical collaboration: Panagiota Konstantinakou
Set design: Kostas Pappas
Costume design: Angelos Bratis
Lighting design: Giannis Fotou
Original music: Giorgos Poulios
Movement: Iris Karayan
Constructions - Props: Vasilis Sakkis
Assistant to the set designer: Anastasia Lambrou
Assistant to the directors: Olga Kapagioridou, Maria Michailidi, Anthia Balis, Giannis Batsis
Antonis Myriagos appears in a video
Vocal coaching: Eleni Dalachani
Cast: Yota Argyropoulou, Pinelopi Tsilika, Nikolas Papagiannis, Yorgos Frintzilas
Also featuring: Eleni Dalachani, Eleni Alexopoulou, Vaso Asikoglou, Athina Velimvasaki, Tereza Vrontisi, Vladimiros Giannakakos, Myrto Giannakouri, Natalia Zikou, Spyridoula Kalavrytinou, Konstantina Kaltsiou, Stavros Kastrinakis, Grigoria Oikonomaki, Silia Paliothodorou, Efi Preka, Rafail Sidiropoulos, Sylvia Trivyza, Katerina Fahouri, Despoina Chalkoroka
Production manager: Vasilis Panagiotakopoulos
The performance incorporates reworked excerpts from works by Shakespeare, Ingmar Bergman, Simone de Beauvoir and Dimitra Kationi


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